Sukabumi Verde

Green Sukabumi Stone also known as Pedra Hijau Verde,  is a popular natural stone in the niche and luxury swimming pool tile market.

Many luxury villas and high end hotels and commercial spaces across the globe such as Bali, Dubai, Phuket, Costa Rica, Haikou, Maldives, Rio De Jainero and other parts of the world have designed their pool spaces using the Green Sukabumi Stone for its exotic character and decadent one of a kind beauty.

Green Sukabumi Stone is the one of world premium class of natural stone since its has very unique green color and this stone only can found in a very specific part of Indonesia. Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde) also can be used as a decorative stone outside the pool you on facades with a rock face and many other designs

Piedra Hijau has natural green color. It contains a special substance called Zeolite which naturally reduces ammonia, to keep water clear and fresh. Zeolite is a chemical substance that acts as a purifying agent to cleanses the water pool by absorbing heavy metals, contaminants, and bad odor.

Finishes: Saw and honed cut,  split face and mosaic.

Applications: Tile, Wall Cladding, Pool Tile, Veneer.

Shipment/Order Type: Bulk 20′ Container. Multi-stone type consolidation option for FCL. Please contact us for potential lesser quantity LCL options.

Prices: Available upon request.

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