Lava Stone

Black Lavastone also known as Pedra Hitam, can be considered as the most natural kind of stone. 100% Pure Lava

Since this is stone is the epitome of natural, this kind of tile is great for flooring or wall cladding in any home carrying the natural beauty, story and texture of the stone. The raw materials of Black Lavastone tiles come from various volcanic islands of the archipelago country of Indonesia. Considering the beauty, durability and intensive journey and story line of this stone, this is no wonder that lava stone has been popular amongst the most niche luxury projects all across the globe. 

The raw material we use to make our Lava Stone is the Breadcrust Volcanic Bomb. A Lava Bomb is a mass of molten rock formed when a volcano ejects viscous fragments of lava during an eruption. They cool into solid fragments before they reach the ground. Because volcanic bombs cool after they leave the volcano, they are extrusive igneous rocks.

Finishes: Saw and honed cut, bush hammered, split face.

Applications: Pavers, Tile, Steppers, Wall Cladding, Pool Tile, Coping, Pool Decking, Veneer.

Shipment/Order Type: Bulk 20′ Container. Multi-stone type consolidation option for FCL. Please contact us for potential lesser quantity LCL options.

Prices: Available upon request.

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