Fossilwood Floors, Tile & Wall Cladding

Fossilwood, AKA Petrified Wood is mined from the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Our collection includes ancient trees dating back approximately 25 MILLION years. These trees fell during a volcanic explosion. Volcanic ash rained from the sky covering these trees and entombed them. Through a mineralization occurrence,  these trees naturally changed to stone over the course of millions of years.

This material has organic and elegant textures sporting both modern and rustic design elements and abilities.  The natural colors of cream, beige, brown and black are the dominant schemes of this earthly material and will truly ground and humble you from a metaphysical sense.

Our Fossilwood Flooring, Tile & Wall Cladding can be cut to any size. From subway tile to plank flooring. Walk on ancient fossils every day. What a decadent and hyper-unique material that can be used mainly on the interior applications of your project, but select exterior applications as well. 

Finishes: Saw cut finishing and polished to an ultra smooth and mirror-like shine.

Shipment/Order Type: Bulk 20′ Container. Multi-stone type order consolidation option for FCL. Please contact us for potential lesser quantity LCL options.

Prices: Available upon request

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